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Denmark Gets Its New King after Queen Margrethe II abdicates

Denmark: Prince Frederik X takes the throne as the new king of Denmark on Sunday following the formal abdication of Queen Margrethe II. The abdication marks a historic occasion, with Margrethe becoming the first Danish monarch to voluntarily step down from the throne in nearly 900 years.

Amid massive crowds gathered outside the palace where the royal succession ceremony unfolded, the atmosphere was one of jubilation as Denmark embarked on its first royal transition in over half a century, a transition not prompted by the passing of a reigning monarch.

Queen Margrethe, 83, has been a beloved figure during her reign, and her decision to voluntarily relinquish the throne underscores a momentous shift in the Danish monarchy’s longstanding traditions. The event was met with enthusiasm, signifying a new chapter in the nation’s royal history.

Denmark’s monarchy, tracing its origins back to the 10th-century Viking king Gorm the Old, holds the distinction of being the oldest in Europe and one of the oldest globally. While the royal family’s role is largely ceremonial in contemporary times, the succession of Frederik X marks a significant milestone in the country’s rich royal heritage.

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