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Demand for Opening of Four Doors of Srimandir Raised Ahead of Ratha Yatra

Puri: Ahead of the much-awaited Ratha Yatra scheduled to commence on July 7, the issue of opening all four doors of the Srimandir (Jagannath Temple) has sparked discussions and debates among the devotees and temple authorities.

In the inaugural meeting of the Ratha Yatra Coordination Committee, senior servitor Damodar Mahasuar brought forth the demand to open all four doors of the Srimandir before the commencement of the grand festival. Mahasuar emphasized the need for facilitating devotees’ access through all entrances of the temple to alleviate the rush and long queues often witnessed at the Singhadwar (lions’ gate) entrance.

Expressing his discontent, Mahasuar threatened to initiate a hunger strike if immediate steps were not taken to address the issue and fulfill the demand to open all four doors of the revered temple.

In addition to advocating for the opening of all four doors, Mahasuar also raised allegations against police personnel, accusing them of soliciting bribes from devotees to facilitate Darshan of the deities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, entry through the other three gates of the Srimandir was restricted, leading to a surge in visitors flocking through the Singhadwar gate, resulting in overcrowding and long waiting periods.

Various groups, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and political leaders have joined the chorus demanding the opening of all four doors of the Srimandir to ensure a smoother and more organized flow of devotees during the Ratha Yatra and beyond.

The Ratha Yatra Coordination Committee convened the meeting to deliberate on the necessary measures and arrangements for the peaceful and orderly conduct of the forthcoming festival in July.

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