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Delhi to Host Five-Day ‘Art for Climate Action; India Art Facts’ Summit

New Delhi: Artworks of around 100 artists from various fields from across the country will be exhibited in a five-day ‘Art for Climate Action; India Art Facts’ summit which will commence from September 1 at National Crafts Museum & Hastkal Academy in Pragati Maidan.

The summit is being organized by Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artists (ODIAA), with support from the Union Ministry of Textiles.

Young, accomplished artists will employ the power of their imagination and artistic tools to vividly portray the pressing issue of environmental degradation while advocating for the urgent adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

Kshitish Chandra Das, Secretary of the Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artist (ODIAA), elaborated, “Many artists have already embarked on a journey to reevaluate their choice of artistic materials, gravitating towards eco-conscious options such as ephemeral art, land art, and upcycled creations. The solution lies in embracing practical, minor changes that promote environmental sustainability through art.”

Das continued, “The artists at this summit will exemplify the principle by recycling and upcycling materials creatively. Artists who embrace experimentation can explore the world of upcycling, using everyday items such as discarded woodblocks, paper, cardboard, metals, and any available resource to craft awe-inspiring masterpieces.”

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