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New Deadline for Proposals on Responsible AI Extended till January 22, 2024

Deadline for Proposals on Responsible AI Extended


New Delhi: In a bid to spearhead responsible and ethical artificial intelligence (AI) practices, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has extended the deadline for submitting proposals on Responsible AI. The initiative aims to support research projects that contribute to the development and deployment of AI tools and frameworks, fostering transparency, accountability, and fairness in AI practices.

India is witnessing an increasing integration of AI across various sectors, and MeitY is dedicated to investing in agile mechanisms for indigenous tools and assessment frameworks, specifically tailored to the nation’s socio-economic realities. As part of the National Program on Artificial Intelligence (NPAI), the ‘Responsible AI’ pillar seeks to encourage the just, transparent, and ethical use of AI.

Under the umbrella of Digital India Corporation, IndiaAI – IBD has launched an initiative offering Grant-in-aid support for 10 research project-based proposals aligned with the theme of “Responsible AI.” This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to responsible technology development and deployment.

Organizations are invited to collaborate and submit proposals on Responsible AI themes, emphasizing the creation of tools and frameworks that align with ethical standards. The projects are expected to contribute to fair and transparent AI practices, ensuring that AI technologies benefit society without compromising ethical values.

MeitY, in partnership with MyGov, encourages active participation from organizations across sectors. The collaboration seeks to advance research and development in the realm of AI, fostering innovation while upholding responsible and ethical standards.

Organizations interested in advancing responsible AI are encouraged to submit their proposals by the extended deadline of January 22, 2024. The initiative represents a crucial step in aligning AI development with ethical principles, making India a leader in responsible and transparent AI practices.

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