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cVIGIL App Empowers Citizens in Reporting Electoral Code Violations; Over 79,000 Incidents Reported

New Delhi: Ensuring fair and transparent elections, the cVIGIL app launched by the Election Commission of India (ECI) has emerged as a powerful tool for citizens to report election code violations. Since the announcement of the General Elections 2024, the app has received over 79,000 complaints, underscoring its effectiveness in empowering citizens to uphold electoral integrity.

With an impressive resolution rate of over 99%, close to 89% of the complaints have been addressed within 100 minutes, highlighting the speed and transparency of the cVIGIL app. The app has become instrumental in curbing electoral malpractices and maintaining the sanctity of the electoral process.

A significant majority of the complaints, accounting for over 73% of the total, pertain to illegal hoardings and banners. Additionally, over 1,400 complaints have been registered regarding the distribution of money, gifts, and liquor, emphasizing the app’s role in combating electoral bribery. Defacement of property and incidents of campaigning beyond the prohibited period also feature prominently among the reported violations.

The cVIGIL app marks a remarkable advancement in electoral oversight, reducing campaign clutter, and enabling swift action against violations. Chief Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar, during the press conference for the announcement of the General Elections 2024, had urged citizens to utilize the app to report any instances of model code of conduct violations and inducements to voters.

Designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible, the cVIGIL app facilitates direct communication between vigilant citizens and the District Control Room, Returning Officer, and Flying Squads Teams. Citizens can report incidents of political misconduct within minutes, without the need to physically visit the office of the returning officer. Upon submission of a complaint, the complainant receives a unique ID to track the status of their complaint in real-time.

The success of the cVIGIL app can be attributed to a trifecta of factors working in tandem. Users can capture audio, photos, or videos in real-time, with a strict “100-minute” countdown ensuring a time-bound response to complaints. The app’s geo-tagging feature automatically activates when users report a violation, providing precise location details for swift action by flying squads. Moreover, citizens have the option to report complaints anonymously, ensuring confidentiality and encouraging greater participation in upholding electoral integrity.

As India continues its democratic journey, the cVIGIL app stands as a beacon of transparency and accountability, empowering citizens to safeguard the principles of free and fair elections.

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