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Cuttack Police Launches Dedicated Helpline to Combat Street Crimes

Cuttack: In an effort to tackle the increasing instances of street crimes in Cuttack, the Commissionerate Police has introduced a dedicated helpline number for citizens to report incidents such as snatching, provide information on the movement of anti-social elements, miscreants, and report public consumption of liquor. The newly launched direct mobile helpline number is 7978894405.

The helpline initiative is specifically implemented in the Cuttack urban police district (UPD) and serves as a complementary service to the existing Control Room Number 112.

The Street Crime Prevention and Detection Unit (SCPDU) of Cuttack Police will remain on high alert 24×7 to assist the public during emergencies. Cuttack residents can now call or send WhatsApp messages related to street crimes at any time, with these messages and calls directly routed to the control room for immediate attention and documentation.

Upon receiving a call or message, the police will initiate contact with the caller within 15 minutes, ensuring prompt action and a logical resolution of the complaint within 24 hours. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime, Anil Mishra, will conduct daily reviews of all calls made to the helpline. In case a complaint remains unresolved after 24 hours, the complainant has the option to contact Anil Mishra directly for further assistance.

The helpline aims to enhance community engagement and empower residents to play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of the city. By leveraging technology and public participation, the Commissionerate Police seeks to create a safer environment and respond swiftly to incidents of street crimes, contributing to the overall well-being of Cuttack’s residents.

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