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CRUT Enhances Commuter Experience with Launch of New Mo Bus Mobile App and Card Scheme

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to modernize and enhance the commuting experience, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) unveiled its new Mo Bus mobile application and introduced the Mo Bus card scheme on Friday. The initiative aims to make the Mo Bus service more technology-driven and user-friendly, offering a range of features to improve convenience for commuters.

The newly launched Mo Bus mobile app includes several commuter-friendly features to streamline the travel experience. These features include live bus tracking, estimated time of arrival, real-time bus occupancy updates, online ticketing, and pass purchase options, as well as information on nearby buses.

Speaking at the inauguration, Anu Garg, Development Commissioner-cum-ACS & Chairman CRUT, emphasized the significance of the upgraded app in providing ease of travel. She stated, “The new and improved app will ensure ease of travel and empower commuters to know the live arrival time of their bus and see real-time bus occupancy. This will help citizens plan their travel accordingly.”

The ‘CRUT MO BUS’ app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Commuters can use the app to find the cheapest and fastest trip options, explore all bus route alternatives to their destination, and conveniently purchase a mobile bus pass directly through the application.

To promote cashless transactions, Garg announced a special offer for the Tap & Pay Mo Bus card. Commuters will receive 40% extra on a top-up of Rs. 500 and 50% extra on a top-up of Rs. 1000, excluding the cost of the card (Rs. 50). This limited-time offer, valid for a month starting from 01.03.24, covers the Capital Region and Rourkela.

Shri G.Mathi Vathanan, Principal Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Department, expressed his optimism about the new mobile app and Mo Bus card scheme, stating, “The new mobile app and Mo Bus card promotional offer will further facilitate digital payment and ensure seamless travel for the commuters.”

Commuters can easily use the Mo Bus card by tapping it on the ticketing machine of the guide (conductor), and the ticket will be issued. This card system eliminates the need for change and dues, providing a hassle-free experience for passengers. Mo Bus cards are available from guides in buses, the Master Canteen bus terminal, and the CRUT office in Patia, Bhubaneswar. In Rourkela, commuters can purchase the card from the Mo Bus counter in the Rourkela bus stand, and in Cuttack, the passes will be available at CNBT. CRUT plans to set up kiosks across the Capital Region and Rourkela to make these cards easily accessible.

Expressing gratitude to commuters for their trust in the Mo Bus service, Arun Bothra, Managing Director, CRUT, said, “The move is aimed at improving contactless payment and making the Mo Bus journey more enjoyable, hassle-free, and at par with the best bus services in the world.”

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