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Congress Lok Sabha Candidate from Puri Returns Ticket Over Funding Denial

Bhubaneswar: In an unexpected turn of events, Congress Lok Sabha candidate Sucharita Mohanty from Puri has returned her party ticket after being denied funding for her campaign, dealing a blow to the party’s electoral prospects in the constituency.

Sources indicate that Mohanty’s decision to return the ticket stemmed from the lack of financial support for her campaign, severely impacting her ability to effectively canvass in the parliamentary constituency.

In a letter addressed to AICC general secretary (Organisation) K. C. Venugopal, Mohanty expressed her dismay over the party’s refusal to allocate funds for her campaign. She lamented that despite her fervent appeals, the party leadership had failed to provide the necessary financial assistance, leaving her with no choice but to withdraw from the electoral fray.

Mohanty, a seasoned journalist who transitioned into electoral politics a decade ago, highlighted her relentless efforts to mobilize support for her campaign, including attempts to raise funds through public donations. However, faced with limited success, she turned to the party’s central leadership for support, only to be met with disappointment.

The sudden withdrawal of Mohanty from the electoral contest has thrown the Congress party into disarray, particularly with only two days remaining to file nomination forms for the third phase of the upcoming polls.

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