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Congress Leader Mohammed Moquim’s Conviction Upheld by Orissa High Court

Cuttack: Congress leader Mohammed Moquim faces significant setbacks as the Orissa High Court has affirmed a lower court’s decision, sentencing him to three years of imprisonment in the Odisha Rural Housing Development Corporation (ORHDC) loan scam case, just ahead of the Assembly elections-2024.

Moquim, who previously served as the Managing Director of Metro Builders Private Limited, was found guilty of involvement in the loan scam case, where he allegedly obtained financial benefits for the company under the guise of loans intended for rural communities.

The Special Vigilance Court in Bhubaneswar had earlier sentenced him to three years of rigorous imprisonment in connection with the scam. Despite his efforts to challenge the verdict by appealing to the High Court, Moquim’s petition was dismissed, and the conviction upheld.

The ruling comes as a blow to Moquim and the Congress party, raising concerns about his political future and the impact on the upcoming Assembly elections.

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