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Commissionerate Police Takes Action to Remove 249 Objectionable Social Media Posts

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police has issued notices for the removal of 249 objectionable posts and videos. This action is part of a broader strategy to combat offensive content and misinformation, particularly during the election process.

The offensive content flagged for removal includes 68 posts from Facebook, 144 from Instagram, and 37 from the X platform (formerly Twitter). These posts were identified as violating community guidelines and standards, prompting the police to take immediate action.

To ensure comprehensive oversight, the police have placed 110 social media handles under strict surveillance by the cyber cell. This measure aims to proactively identify and mitigate the spread of harmful and misleading content.

In addition to removing offensive posts, the Commissionerate Police has established a Cyber Help Desk. This initiative is designed to address the proliferation of fake news and misleading information, which can be particularly disruptive during elections. Operating under the Voluntary Code of Ethics, the Cyber Help Desk is tasked with providing rapid responses to reports of fake news or unverified media stories, ensuring that misinformation is swiftly corrected.

The Commissionerate Police’s proactive measures reflect a commitment to maintaining a clean and respectful digital space, especially during critical times like elections. By addressing offensive content and monitoring suspicious social media activity, the police aim to safeguard the integrity of information and protect the public from potential harm.

The police have also called on the public to cooperate in these efforts by reporting any suspicious or harmful content they encounter on social media platforms. Public vigilance and timely reporting can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these initiatives.

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