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Commissionerate Police Returns Stolen Goods to Owners in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: On Saturday, the Commissionerate Police organized an event to return recovered mobile phones, two-wheelers, and other stolen items to their rightful owners.

“A total of 143 recovered mobile phones, around 30 chains, trucks, and motorcycles are being returned to their lawful owners today,” stated Commissioner of Police Sanjeeb Panda during a briefing.

Panda highlighted that almost all police stations under the Bhubaneswar Urban Police District (UPD) contributed to the recovery of mobile phones, gold chains, and vehicles. Notably, the OCPO (Organised Crime in Property Offences) Cell recovered the most mobile phones, totaling 60.

Additionally, the POPD (Property Offence Prevention and Detection) Cell and Special Squad successfully recovered several gold chains, with approximately 30 being handed back to their owners.

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