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Commissionerate Police Launches Team HER to Ensure Women’s Safety in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

Bhubaneswar: To enhance the safety of women in public spaces, the Commissionerate Police has established a dedicated team to address harassment incidents in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

Under the leadership of ACP Anjana Tudu, the team named HER (High Efficiency Response) has been deployed to swiftly respond to any form of harassment faced by women, particularly those returning from work late at night.

Since its inception, team HER has taken proactive measures, registering six cases and initiating necessary action against the perpetrators.

Operating round the clock, the team ensures immediate assistance by promptly reaching the reported location. Women encountering misconduct, harassment, or eve-teasing can seek support from the team by contacting 6372500400 or 112.

Moreover, to safeguard the privacy of the complainants, their identities will remain confidential.

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