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Clinical trial of Covaxin on Children Aged 6-12 from June 15

Bhubaneswar: As experts believe that the possible third wave of Covid-19 may affect children, the clinical trials of covid vaccines on children has been going on. 

While a clinical trial of Covaxin on the 12-18 age group has been recently completed, the trial on 6-12 would begin on Tuesday, 15 June. The trial of the vaccine on the 2-6 age group will be conducted after the completion of the trial on the 6-12 group.

The first trial on children started on June 7. 

The trials are being carried out at various sites including AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Patna and Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur. The clinical trials are being conducted to evaluate the safety of Covaxin jab. 

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