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Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Lays Foundation for Model Jail Near Bhubaneswar

Jamujhari: In a significant move towards prison reform and rehabilitation, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik laid the foundation for a Model Jail at Jamujhari, near Bhubaneswar. This initiative falls under the 5-T (Teamwork, Transparency, Technology, Time Leading to Transformation) framework, emphasizing the commitment to modernize and improve the efficiency of government processes.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Chief Minister Patnaik highlighted the critical role prisons play in the criminal justice system, not only as places of confinement but also as platforms for reform, learning, and the reintegration of inmates into society. He emphasized the need for a departure from outdated and overcrowded prison facilities, which have limited the scope for meaningful reforms and rehabilitation efforts.

The Model Jail at Jamujhari aims to address these concerns by adopting a futuristic approach to prison administration. Through thorough research and the study of various prison models, the facility is designed to be fully automated, incorporating state-of-the-art security features, IP-based surveillance, e-court rooms, and multiple video conferencing facilities.

This environment-friendly prison will prioritize sustainability, with a net-zero carbon emission and zero-discharge system. The Model Jail will feature separate wards for different categories of inmates, ensuring improved living conditions and providing easy access to essential healthcare and educational resources.

Chief Minister Patnaik expressed his belief that the battle against crime is best fought by promoting reform and rehabilitation. The Model Jail at Jamujhari is envisioned as a space where inmates can find ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, ultimately transforming them into productive members of society upon release.

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