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Central Coast Mariners Dominate Odisha FC in 4-0 Victory at Home

Central Coast Mariners Dominate Odisha FC in 4-0 Victory at Home

New South Wales:   The Central Coast Mariners, Australia secured a convincing 4-0 victory against Odisha FC in a thrilling encounter at their home ground. The Mariners’ relentless attacks and solid defense left Odisha struggling to find their footing throughout the match.

The opening minute set the tone for the game as Jing Reec capitalized on Delgado’s mistake, testing Amrinder with a one-on-one opportunity. However, the Odisha goalkeeper’s swift save denied Reec a goal and showcased his brilliance between the posts.

The 10th minute saw Ranawade and Krishna pushing Odisha into the Mariners’ defensive third. A promising buildup down the right wing ended with a lackluster cross from Ranawade, easily dealt with by Kaltak.

Taking advantage of their home turf, the Mariners claimed the lead in the 36th minute. Farrell’s patience on the left drew defenders, allowing Nisbet to release a perfect cross to Mikael Doka, who calmly slotted the ball into the near bottom corner with precision and finesse. The scoreboard read CCM 1-0 OFC.

The home team continued their dominance in the 52nd minute when Edmondson’s sensational assist set up Storm Roux, who outpaced Delgado and thumped the ball past Amrinder, extending the lead to 2-0.

Despite Odisha’s efforts to stage a comeback, the Mariners’ defense held strong. In the 77th minute, Roy Krishna’s foul inside the box gave the Mariners a penalty, confidently converted by Doka, making it 3-0 and sealing the victory.

The Mariners weren’t done yet. In the 89th minute, a swift move down Odisha’s left flank saw Doka setting up Barcellos, who slotted the ball past Amrinder, bringing the final score to CCM 4-0 OFC.

With the defeat, Odisha FC now prepares to host the Mariners at the Kalinga Stadium on March 14, aiming for redemption and a reversal of fortunes.

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