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Celebrating Rabindra Jayanti: IGNCA Hosts Exhibition and Lecture

New Delhi: The Conservation and Cultural Archives Division of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) recently played host to a captivating exhibition and enlightening lecture in commemoration of Rabindra Jayanti. Titled ‘The Rare Photographs of Rabindranath Tagore’, the exhibition, curated by Ganesh Narayan Singh, drew attention to lesser-known facets of Tagore’s life and legacy. Distinguished guests, including Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary of IGNCA, graced the event, underscoring the significance of the occasion.

The seminar, a focal point of the event, featured a lineup of esteemed speakers who offered insightful perspectives on Rabindranath Tagore’s enduring influence. Dr. Fabien Chartier, renowned for his extensive study of Tagore’s life, presented on ‘Tagore’s French Connection’, shedding light on the poet’s profound impact in France. His nuanced exploration traced Tagore’s journey in the West, from his initial reception to his interactions with notable figures like Alexandra David Neel and Victoria Ocampo.

Following Chartier’s illuminating discourse, Neelkamal Adak and Basu Acharya delved into various aspects of Tagore’s multifaceted persona and his significant visit to France, respectively, enriching the audience’s understanding of the poet’s global legacy.

In his address, Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi underscored Tagore’s indelible mark on Indian culture and his pivotal role in shaping the nation’s identity. He emphasized Tagore’s international connections and announced IGNCA’s upcoming exhibition, promising a rich display of rare paintings and photographs from esteemed collections.

The ongoing exhibition, a visual feast of Tagore’s life and work, showcases rare photographs from renowned collectors alongside IGNCA’s archival treasures. Themes ranging from Tagore’s ecological pursuits to his profound friendship with Mahatma Gandhi are explored, offering visitors a comprehensive glimpse into the poet’s multifaceted personality.

Adding a melodious touch to the event, Sulagna Banerjee enraptured the audience with her rendition of Rabindra Sangeet, invoking the soulful essence of Tagore’s literary legacy.

The exhibition, which will be on display until May 19th, invites visitors to immerse themselves in the timeless charm of Rabindranath Tagore’s unparalleled legacy, celebrating his enduring contributions to literature, culture, and humanity.

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