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Candid Conversation: Manoj Joshi Reflects on His Journey in Showbiz

Celebrated for his iconic portrayal of Chanakya in Ashoka Samrat and an array of memorable characters in Bollywood, Manoj Joshi, in a candid conversation with The News Hashtag offers a glimpse into his remarkable journey within the entertainment industry. From early influences that ignited his passion for acting to his perspective on the dynamic industry, Joshi shares insights, challenges, and the joys of his craft. Embark on a captivating journey as we explore the tapestry of Manoj Joshi’s versatile acting career. Excerpts-

Q How did your interest in acting develop?

  • From childhood, I had a keen interest in acting. My father was a Kirtan singer who also narrated mythological stories. I grew up watching him, and I guess I inherited the art from him. I used to actively participate in dramas and theatre during my school and college days, as well as in state competitions. My passion for acting led me to pursue it professionally, both on television and in films.

Q How do you view your journey as an actor?

  • I believe I am still learning and evolving with every step I take in my career. I’ve experienced various highs and lows in the industry. In the past, entering the industry required a significant amount of struggle due to limited opportunities, but the landscape has transformed with the emergence of various platforms. The film industry itself has undergone substantial changes. Nowadays, if you have talent, you’ll find opportunities. The focus is shifting towards substance-oriented storytelling, which is a positive development for actors like us.

Q Among the diverse roles you’ve played, which one did you find the most challenging or intriguing?

  • Every role presents its own set of challenges. Currently, I’m working on a Marathi film in which I portray the character of Babasaheb Ambedkar, and it’s an exceptionally demanding role.

Q You began your career in television and have also ventured into OTT platforms. In your opinion, which medium do you prefer?

  • Each medium has its distinct charm and relevance. I enjoy working across all platforms because they offer diverse opportunities. However, I find the most soul satisfaction through theatre; it remains my favourite.

Q Have you ever encountered the issue of nepotism?

  • I wouldn’t say nepotism, but yes, I’ve experienced groupism. It’s prevalent in almost every field.

Q What is your perspective on OTT platforms and their impact on artists and the art form?

  • No platform is inherently good or bad. Unfortunately, in India, we tend to lean towards replication rather than focusing on original and creative content. We possess a rich cultural heritage and a treasure trove of stories, each state offering its unique narratives. The potential for content creation is abundant; it’s just a matter of harnessing it.

Q Could you share details about your upcoming projects?

  • I have several projects in the pipeline, and I’m currently occupied with their shooting schedules.

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