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Menaka’s Inspiring Journey to Financial Independence

Ganjam: In the coastal village of Digipur in Ganjam district, Menaka’s story stands as a testament to the strength and resilience required for a woman to break free from traditional constraints and achieve financial independence. Determined to provide her children with a good education, Menaka took transformative steps to secure the necessary funds, overcoming numerous challenges in a male-dominated society.

Menaka lives with her husband, two daughters, and a son. As members of the fishing community, her family depends heavily on the sea for their primary source of income. Every day, Menaka’s husband embarks on a fishing expedition at dawn, continuing a tradition passed down through generations. However, the family’s livelihood has been jeopardized by the declining fish population due to climate change, forcing many villagers to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Faced with financial instability, Menaka’s husband moved to Kerala for better income prospects, leaving Menaka to manage the household, care for their children, and look after her in-laws. Despite these immense responsibilities, Menaka aspired to achieve self-reliance and not depend solely on her husband for money.

Her journey toward financial independence began when she joined tailoring classes offered by the women-led organization Divya Jyoti Mahila Vikash (DJMV). For two decades, DJMV has championed women’s empowerment, children’s education, healthcare, and livelihood initiatives within the cyclone-vulnerable coastal village. Through DJMV’s skill training program, Menaka mastered the art of blouse, lehenga, and designer dressmaking. Upon completing the course, she acquired a sewing machine and started her tailoring business at home.

“This skill training program has utterly transformed my life,” Menaka says. Her tailoring business now earns her a daily income ranging from ₹200 to ₹300, enabling her to save for her children’s education and secure their future. Menaka’s determination to prioritize her children’s education, despite financial constraints during her upbringing, showcases her unwavering commitment to breaking the cycle of educational deprivation.

Menaka’s journey is a poignant example of resilience and determination. She has defied societal expectations and norms, becoming the primary provider for her family. Her transformative journey was catalyzed by the invaluable support extended by DJMV and the generous contributions from donors.

The commitment of DJMV to empower economically disadvantaged women like Menaka and integrate them into the societal mainstream remains steadfast. Menaka’s success story highlights the profound impact of donations and support, forging a path towards a brighter and more equitable future for her family and the community.

As we continue to uplift and empower women, Menaka’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Your contributions are effecting tangible change, and we eagerly anticipate sharing further stories of profound impact and ongoing progress with you.

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