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C-DOT Awarded UN’s WSIS 2024 “Champion” Award for Mobile-Enabled Disaster Resilience Project

New Delhi: The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), India’s premier telecom R&D centre, has been honored with the UN’s WSIS 2024 “Champion” Award for its groundbreaking project “Mobile-Enabled Disaster Resilience through Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerting.” This accolade, recognized under AI, C-7, E-environment, and in the category of ‘Benefits in all aspects of life – E-environment,’ highlights C-DOT’s dedication to leveraging technology for societal benefit.

The award was presented at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)+20 Forum 2024, a High-Level Event conducted by the International Telecom Union (ITU) in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 27 to May 31, 2024. The forum acknowledged C-DOT’s Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerting Platform for its exceptional contribution to the implementation of WSIS outcomes and its commitment to societal impact through technology.

Revolutionizing Disaster Management

C-DOT’s Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerting Platform is an end-to-end solution designed for the near real-time delivery of life-saving emergency information to mobile phones via cellular networks. This indigenous, cost-effective, and automated system enables geo-targeted multi-hazard alerting with multilingual support, significantly enhancing disaster risk management efficiency. The initiative aligns with the global Early Warnings for All (EW4All) campaign, the ITU’s Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), and promotes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while bolstering the country’s capacity-building efforts towards disaster resilience.

Showcasing Innovation at AI for Good Global Summit

The AI for Good Global Summit, held concurrently with WSIS from May 29 to May 31, 2024, in Geneva, serves as the UN’s leading platform to promote AI advancements in health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, and sustainable infrastructure. At the summit, C-DOT showcased cutting-edge telecom solutions, including the ITU-CAP-based early warning alert system, Cell Broadcast Technology for Disaster Management, and ASTR (AI and Facial Recognition powered Solution for Telecom SIM Subscriber Verification) for detecting SIMs used in cyber fraud.

Two AI startups from India, DeepVision Tech and Nayancom, selected by C-DOT, also presented their innovative solutions. Nayancom, an AI-based vision processing platform, enhances road safety and smart city monitoring by processing crowd-sourced visual data. DeepVisionTech’s Let’sTalkSign, an automatic Sign Language Interpreter, aids the Deaf, Speech, and Hearing Impaired community in receiving education in sign language.

C-DOT’s Vision for AI in Cyber Fraud Prevention

Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay, CEO of C-DOT, delivered an insightful talk at the AI for Good event titled “AI to the Rescue: Revolutionizing Cyber Fraud Detection, Prevention, and Reporting.” He highlighted C-DOT’s indigenously developed AI-powered solution for detecting fraudulent or unauthorized mobile connections procured using fake or forged documents. Utilizing next-generation AI/ML, the solution generates proactive intelligence to curb the proliferation of fake/forged SIMs and dismantle cyber-crime syndicates. It also identifies points of sale (PoS) facilitating the procurement of fraudulent mobile connections and allows the sharing of unauthorized connection lists with multiple agencies for necessary action.

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