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Brutanga Irrigation Project in Nayagarh District Receives Final Forest Clearance

Bhubaneswar: The Union Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change has granted final clearance for the utilization of forest land for non-forest purposes, paving the way for the long-awaited Brutanga irrigation project in Nayagarh district. This significant development was announced in an official press release issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

The forest clearance for the Brutanga irrigation project had been pending for 30 years. With this clearance, the project is set to become a boon for agriculture, benefitting the farmers of the district immensely. The Centre has approved the use of 1524.17 hectares of forest land for the irrigation project.

The Brutanga irrigation project aims to provide irrigation facilities to 23,000 hectares of land, transforming agricultural practices and enhancing productivity in the region. This project, once completed, will significantly improve the livelihood of the farmers and contribute to the overall economic development of the district.

Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi had recently discussed the matter with the Union Forest & Environment Minister during his visit to New Delhi. The Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister and the Union Forest & Environment Minister for their support in securing the clearance.

As part of the project, compensatory afforestation will be carried out in non-forest areas, adhering to all relevant guidelines to ensure environmental sustainability.

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