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Boost for Livestock Welfare: 58 Goshalas and Farmers Set to Establish Vermicompost Units

Bhubaneswar: The Department of Fisheries and Animal Resources Development took a significant step toward promoting sustainable agriculture and livestock welfare by issuing Go-ahead letters to 58 Goshalas (cow shelters) and farmers for the establishment of Vermicompost Units. The official announcement and distribution of the Go-ahead letters took place at a ceremony held at Krushi Bhawan, where Ranendra Pratap Swain, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development, handed over the letters.

During the event, Minister Swain emphasized Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s commitment to the well-being of animals and livestock farmers. He highlighted the State Government’s proactive measures in providing financial assistance for setting up Goshalas to ensure the welfare of cattle. Additionally, support is extended for establishing Vermicompost Godhan Units, enabling Goshalas to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Under this scheme, livestock farmers, as well as members of milk producers’ cooperative societies, can benefit from the initiative. The Goshalas are eligible for 50 percent assistance, with a maximum financial aid of Rs. 10 lakh, to establish Vermicompost Units that utilize waste materials such as cow dung and urine to produce vermicompost. Minister Sri Swain commended this innovative initiative, emphasizing its potential to make Goshalas self-sufficient and empower livestock farmers to increase their income. Vermicomposts, known for promoting organic farming and enhancing soil health, add an ecological dimension to the initiative.

Highlighting the State Government’s ongoing support, Minister Swain mentioned financial assistance for the maintenance of registered Goshalas and the establishment of new Goshalas in the state. An allocation of about Rs. 9 Crore has been made during the current financial year for these purposes. In addition, the introduction of Mukhyamantri Mobile Veterinary Units in all 314 blocks and Veterinary Ambulance Units in urban areas further strengthens veterinary services and accessibility for farmers.

The Vermicompost Unit initiative aligns with the government’s broader vision of promoting sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring animal welfare, and empowering farmers economically. This comprehensive approach aims to create a positive impact on rural livelihoods and agricultural sustainability in the state.

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