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BMC Installs Temporary Sheds at Traffic Points to Deal Heatwave

Initiative Aims to Provide Relief to Citizens Amid Rising Temperatures

Bhubaneswar: To alleviate the discomfort caused by the scorching heat, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has initiated the installation of temporary shelters at major traffic junctions across the city.

As temperatures soar, citizens often find themselves exposed to the harsh sun while waiting at traffic points. BMC’s initiative aims to provide respite to pedestrians and commuters by offering shaded areas at strategic locations.

While the authorities claim that the temporary sheds will shield individuals from direct sunlight, denizens have expressed mixed opinions.

Prateek Mohapatra, an employee of a corporate company, says, “This is a commendable initiative by BMC. Sometimes we have to wait for over five minutes at the traffic signals, and during this scorching heat, it’s difficult to wait. These temporary sheds would bring some relief to daily commuters like me.”

Rajat Nayak, an office-goer in the city, says, “Earlier, most of the traffic points in the city had trees that provided shade during summers, but now the trees have vanished.”

“Providing temporary sheds is not a solution; the government and BMC should prioritize tree planting. However, they have been cutting down trees,” he added.

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