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BMC displays sector map in each ‘Safei Gadi’

Bhubaneswar: Making waste collection a better citizen driven initiative, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made a mandatory provision of sector map in each SAFEI GADI. Since functioning of Micro Composting Centres (MCCs) in the city partitioned vehicles specially designed for collection of dry and wet waste are covering the identified areas. The SAFEI GADIs are equipped with public address system playing a title song of ‘Mu Safei Wala’ to initiate community action for handing over segregated waste. Now all such vehicles have an added facility of ‘Sector Map’ which displays the route of each locality.  

The map contains the route of a sector from which the particular vehicle collects wet and dry waste. It also displays the timing of arrival to a particular lane from which households giving waste to the vehicle can see the marks over the map. Besides,   one can know how many households have been covered in a given time and how many are left. This citizen friendly display of information serves as a motivator to encourage families to be ready with their double dustbins calculating the arrival of the vehicle to their spots.   

The facility of displaying the sector map in SAFEI GADI serves as an information tool for the households of a particular area/sector. Community members can support monitoring the vehicle movement and the waste collection activities of their respective sectors, said Commissioner Sanjaya Kumar Singh. Such participation will strengthen sanitation activities of the state capital, he added. 

“On an average each ward has about 3000 to 4000 households. One ward is divided into sectors that have 600 to 800 households. One vehicle is dedicated for each sector of a ward to collect dry and wet waste from households. Out of 41 MCCs planned, 23 are functional and others are in progress. A particular ward is also attached to one MCC and route maps of all sectors of a ward are displayed here. As on today, 175 SAFEI GADIs have the maps out of 185 vehicles engaged and 18 out of 23 MCCs have also displayed the route maps of the wards coming under it”, informed BMC’s Dy. Commissioner Sanitation Suvendu Kumar Sahoo.

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