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Image Source- OTV

Bio-Bubble To be Created For The Chariot Construction In Puri

Puri: The construction work of the three chariots for the upcoming Rath Yatra has been going on, however the Servitors engaged in the construction work are testing Covid-19 positive.

On Saturday, ten servitors tested positive, while on Friday eight servitors tested positive. With this 18 servitors including 12 Maharana servitors and 6 Bhoi are now Covid positive. All of them have been kept in solation at Covid Care Centre.

In order to protect servitors from Covid infection, Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has decided to create a bio-bubble at the chariot construction site.

Only servitors and officials associated with the chariot construction will be allowed to enter the bio- bubble.

Meanwhile, the vaccination drive to vaccinate the servitors in the age group 18-44 is going on.


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