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Bhubaneswar’s Streets Come Alive with ‘Patha Utsav

Bhubaneswar: The lively street festival, ‘Patha Utsav,’ kicked off its second edition in the heart of Odisha’s capital, Bhubaneswar, on Sunday. The event spanned from Sikharchandi hill to Infocity square, transforming the streets into a hub of joyful activities, creating the perfect Sunday vibe for attendees.

Participation in the festival was notably vibrant, with students taking center stage to showcase their talents. Laughter and applause echoed through the streets as participants engaged the audience with dance performances and live musical renditions.

The theme for this edition of ‘Patha Utsav’ was ‘Save Animal, Live and Let Live,’ skillfully presented by young participants through plays and dance performances. The children adorned themselves in costumes representing trees and various wild animals, emphasizing the importance of environmental awareness.

Expressing their thoughts on the theme, a participating student conveyed, “We should not cut down trees, as they provide us with all the necessary elements, including essential oxygen for human survival. Planting and growing more trees should be our collective responsibility.”

Another student highlighted the significance of afforestation, stating, “Trees give us life, and engaging in afforestation is crucial. We must cease chopping down trees to ensure a safe future for the upcoming generations.”

It is noteworthy that the inaugural edition of ‘Patha Utsav’ took place on December 24 last year, transforming the entire stretch of road from Master Canteen to Ram Mandir into a bustling corridor of activities, drawing crowds and creating a festive atmosphere. The success and enthusiasm surrounding the event mark ‘Patha Utsav’ as a vibrant addition to Bhubaneswar’s cultural calendar.

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