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Bhubaneswar tops in Citizen Perception Survey

Bhubaneswar: Smart City Bhubaneswar has ranked fourth among the top 10 Livable Capital Cities in the country. The city has topped in the Citizen Perception Survey with a score of 94.8 out of 100.

As per the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE’s) Ease of Living Index Report, 2020, Bengaluru is the Top-1 Livable Capital City in India followed by Chennai, Shimla and Bhubaneswar.

Four parameters were used to determine the score on the Ease of Living Index were quality of life, economic ability, sustainability and citizens’ perceptions. The cities were given scores on all four parameters out of 100. However, the four capital cities Dispur, Daman, Amaravati and Kolkata were not ranked in the survey.

In the survey under the Ease of Living Index, Bhubaneswar put cities like Mumbai and Delhi behind. While Bhubaneswar has scored 59.85 in Ease of Living Index, Mumbai and Delhi have scored 58.23 and 57.56 respectively. However, Bengaluru, Chennai and Shimla were above Bhubaneswar with score of 66.7, 62.61 and 60.90 respectively.

“We will be doing much more with the participation of the citizens to provide better living standards for all our citizens and also to project city’s performances at all the fronts to make its stand more national and global in future days,” said BMC Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Singh.

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