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Bhubaneswar Airport to get green and carbon-neutral status

Bhubaneswar: The Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) in Odisha l will be developed into a carbon-neutral airport of world standard.

All lights in the airport have been changed to LED lights and have energy efficient terminal building. They have installed solar power plant. 

“The aim is to make the BPIA one of the best airports in the world,” said the newly appointed BPIA Director Prasanna Pradhan.

A 3.8 mega watt solar power plant has already been installed at the airport and is ready to be made operational to produce electricity.

BPIA is the first airport in country which was selected to have an indigenous, cost-effective and environment-friendly air traffic management systems in compliance with the Centre’s Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India initiatives.
While the airport only needs 2 Mega watt power, the rest of 1.8 mega watt will be sold to power grids.
“We have recently applied for commissioning of 3.8 mega watt solar plant. Our power demand is only two mega watt. The remaining 1.8 mega watt is surplus. This will help BPIA become cost-effective and environment-friendly,” he said.  
Bhubaneswar airport will be the fourth airport after Varanasi, Trivandrum and Kolkata airports to get the green airport status.
“Our motto is a green airport with carbon-neutral growth. We have already achieved it and are among the best airports in the country including Varanasi, Trivandrum and Kolkata airports. We have managed to reduce carbon emission and increase the number of passengers,” Pradhan added.

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