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Ayush Mohapatra: Crafting a Canvas of Dreams with Reverse Painting in Odisha

In the quaint town of Puri, Odisha, a young artist is making waves with his unique approach to painting. Ayush Mohapatra, a determined Class X student of a government school Bholanath Vidya Pitha, has embarked on a journey to become Odisha’s first reverse painting artist, inspired by the renowned Vilas Nayak and David Garibaldi.

Ayush’s artistic journey began at the tender age of 3, and over the years, painting evolved into an integral part of his life. After moving to his native place in Puri from Sambalpur, Ayush found inspiration in the vibrant culture and artistic heritage of the coastal town.

The turning point in Ayush’s artistic pursuit came during the COVID-19 pandemic when offline classes were suspended. Utilizing the time at hand, Ayush delved into researching and enhancing his art skills. A chance encounter with reverse painting by an American artist David Garibaldi on YouTube introduced him to the work of Vilas Nayak and sparked a passion for this unique form of art.

Reflecting on this transformative period, Ayush shared, “I decided to be the first one in Odisha to do reverse painting. Initially, it was difficult, but with practice, I honed my skills.”

Ayush started his reverse painting journey by creating intricate depictions of Hindu gods. Within six months of dedicated learning, he achieved recognition by entering the India Book of Records. Drawing a reverse image of Lord Ganesha with both hands in just five minutes, Ayush showcased his exceptional talent.

Participating in various online competitions, Ayush garnered accolades and honours, including Nigeria’s Got Talent 2021, Global Kids Achievers Awards 2023, India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award 2022, and more. His artistic prowess also earned him the title of Best Child Artist in 2022.

Stepping into the limelight, Ayush has begun performing live shows at events, where audiences are captivated by his remarkable talent. Beyond his personal success, Ayush is dedicated to giving back to the community. He teaches art to underprivileged children at Utkal Balashram in Puri, a Child Protection Institute, where over 30 children have become part of his extended artistic family.

Ayush expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support of his parents, saying, “The blessings and love of my mother, father, and all family members help me to go further. It has increased my hope and faith.”

“Now I am making reverse painting of Indian gods, with practice, I will also start other paintings like portraits,” he added.

With a heart full of hope, Ayush Mahapatra continues to paint a vibrant and colorful future for himself and those he inspires with his artistic journey.

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