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Author Salman Rushdie attacked in New York

New York: The Booker Prize winner, 75-year-old renowned writer Salman Rushdie attacked by a man at an event at Chautauqua Institution on Friday.

According to the police, a man ran into the stage and stabbed Rushdie in the neck. He fell to the floor immediately after the attack. He has been taken to hospital immediately, reports about his health is yet to be known.

Meanwhile the police have arrested the man.

The Indian-born novelist gained fame for his novel Midnight’s Children published in 1981 for which he won the Bookers Prize.

Salman Rushdie has been in controversy for his book The Satanic verses published in 1988. The book caused outrage among some Muslims who threatened to kill him.

In 1988 Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a Fatwa for Mr Rushdie’s execution and offered a $3 million reward for anyone who kills him.

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