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Ancient Civilization Traces Unearthed in Kuakhai River Bed Near Cuttack

Cuttack: A significant archaeological discovery has emerged in the bed of the Kuakhai River near Cuttack, shedding light on an early-period civilization. The findings were revealed by a team led by Deepak Kumar Nayak, Co-Convener of Intach’s Cuttack Chapter. The remnants of an ancient settlement near the Balimangala Debipitha, close to Uttampur Village in Cuttack’s Sadar block, have resurfaced over a large area, approximately 200 meters from the current embankment.

Numerous archaeological artifacts were reported to Intach, prompting Deepak Nayak and a team of heritage enthusiasts from Rediscover Lost Heritage (RLH) Group and the Silver City Cuttack Public Charitable Trust to investigate the site. The team discovered fragmented pieces of red ware, black ware, grey ware, mud well rings, bone pieces, and unidentified sculpted images from a small mound-like structure within the river.

According to Nayak, the site holds historical significance, situated between the Barabati Fort and Chudanagada Fort in Barang. The pottery and ware found are similar to those discovered in ongoing excavations inside the Barabati Fort by the Archaeological Survey of India. These findings indicate substantial maritime trade along the Kuakhai River in the early centuries, with Goddess Balimangala, an essential deity for Odisha’s old mariners.

Anil Dhir, Convener of Intach’s Bhubaneswar Chapter, suggests that the discovery implies the existence of either a riverside port or a large settlement abandoned due to frequent flooding. The Balimangala temple, currently on the embankment, was relocated around 150 years ago. Dhir advocates for a small-scale archaeological excavation in the riverbed to unveil the relevant history associated with these artifacts and plans to approach both the ASI and the State Archaeology for a survey.

Rashmiranjan Pradhan of the Silver City Cuttack Trust highlights the importance of this discovery in unveiling maritime traditions linked to the ancient city of Cuttack. A team of volunteers will continue searching for more artifacts in the expansive riverbed area.

Dr. Biswajit Mohanty attributes the resurfacing of remnants to riverbed erosion caused by upstream sand mining. The Mahanadi and its delta system harbor rich archaeological remnants, many of which are under threat due to illegal sand mining. Dr. Mohanty calls for stringent measures, urging the Odisha government not to grant sand lifting leases without prior clearance from the State Archaeology, ASI, or Intach. The recent comprehensive survey of the Mahanadi Valley by Intach reported numerous submerged ancient temples, emphasizing the need for protecting this treasure trove of artifacts.

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