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Akhir Woh Din Aa Hi Gaya: Netizens React On Kangana Twitter Suspension 

Known for her outrageous posts on Twitter, Kangana Ranaut lost the popular social media platform after her Twitter account got permanently suspended on Tuesday.

With this action of Twitter, she lost around three million followers of her on Twitter.

This came after Kangana posted a controversial tweet about post election violence in West Bengal. In a tweet Kangana urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ‘tame’ Mamata Banerjee using his ‘Virat Roop’ from early 2000s.

According to Twitter, Kangana’s account has repeatedly violated Twitter policy on hateful conduct and abusive behaviour.

“We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm. The referenced account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter Rules specifically our Hateful Conduct policy and Abusive Behaviour policy,” said Twitter spokesperson.

Reacting to her account suspension, Kangana said, “Twitter has only proved my point they’re Americans & by birth, a white person feels entitled to enslave a brown person, they want to tell you what to think, speak or do. I have many platforms I can use to raise my voice, including my own art in the form of cinema.”

While this is not the first time Kangana has posted controversial tweets, during several occasions her tweets created uproar on social media.

Social media is flooded with various memes and jokes on her account suspension. While most netizens supported the decision of Twitter, her fans criticized the action. The tweets like ‘Finally Twitter got Sanitized’ ‘ Akhir woh din aa hi gaya’, ‘Utsav ki tayari karo’ among others are buzzing on social media.

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