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Ajit Agarkar Praises India’s Cricket Talent Pool and IPL’s Role in Talent Identification

Mumbai: Ajit Agarkar, the newly appointed chairman of the BCCI selection committee, has lauded India’s abundant cricket talent and hailed the Indian Premier League (IPL) as a pivotal platform for nurturing upcoming cricketers. Agarkar shared his insights on various aspects of the game, including the growing significance of data in team preparation, the evolution of player fitness, and the impact of stalwarts like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.

Agarkar expressed optimism about the wealth of talent available in India, stating, “The good thing is you have a huge pool to pick from now, there is no dearth of talent in India.” He emphasized the remarkable progress in players’ fitness levels over the past decade, attributing it to individuals like Virat Kohli who have set high standards. “Virat Kohli, for example, is one of those guys who set a benchmark, and 15 years into his career, he’s only gotten fitter,” Agarkar remarked.

Discussing IPL’s role, Agarkar highlighted its significance in identifying and nurturing young talent. “You can see every year, the IPL just keeps throwing up fresh talent. As a selector, there are certain players we are watching out for, but there are certain players who suddenly come and show up even on a big stage,” he said.

Acknowledging the increasing reliance on data in modern cricket, Agarkar emphasized the importance of human instinct on the field. “You can plan a whole innings, but you need a captain on the ground because not everything that you’ve planned is going to go your way. That’s why you call MS Dhoni a great captain because he had a feel for the game,” he explained.

Agarkar also emphasized the significance of team culture, drawing from his experiences playing for Mumbai and India. “What really helped me was the senior guys in our team. When these guys are around, the standard sets itself, then it’s for the players to buy into it,” he noted.

With Agarkar’s wealth of experience and insightful perspective, his tenure as the chairman of the BCCI selection committee promises to usher in a new era of talent scouting and team development in Indian cricket.

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