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AFMS and IIT Hyderabad Sign MoU for Collaborative Research and Training

Hyderabad: The Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) have entered into a strategic partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad to collaborate on research and training initiatives. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Lt Gen Daljit Singh, Director General of AFMS, and Prof B S Murty, Director of IIT Hyderabad, marking a significant step towards innovative medical solutions for the armed forces.

The primary aim of this collaboration is to foster innovation and research in developing novel medical devices and addressing health issues specific to soldiers serving in diverse and challenging terrains. IIT Hyderabad, renowned for its departments of Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, and Bioinformatics, will provide the technical expertise necessary to tackle these unique medical challenges.

Key areas of collaboration outlined in the MoU include:

Drone-based patient transport: Exploring the use of drones for rapid and efficient medical evacuations.

Telemedicine innovations: Developing advanced telemedicine solutions to provide remote medical care to soldiers in isolated locations.

Artificial Intelligence applications: Leveraging AI to improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes.

Nanotechnology advancements: Utilizing nanotechnology to create cutting-edge medical devices and treatments.

In addition to these research initiatives, the MoU also facilitates student exchange programs, short-term courses for undergraduates, and faculty exchange initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing between the two institutions.

Lt Gen Daljit Singh emphasized the AFMS’s unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive medical care to soldiers, both in peripheral and tertiary care settings. “Partnering with an esteemed institution like IIT Hyderabad, known for its cutting-edge technology, represents a significant advancement in enhancing research and training. This collaboration will ultimately improve the quality of life for soldiers and their families,” he stated.

Prof B S Murty expressed IIT Hyderabad’s dedication to addressing the problem statements presented by the Armed Forces, ensuring prompt and effective solutions to the challenges they face. “Our commitment is to leverage our expertise in technology and innovation to support the health and well-being of military personnel,” he said.

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