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A Lioness Gives Birth to 3 Cubs at Nandankanan Zoo

Bhubaneswar: Finally some good news for animal enthusiasts. A lioness named ‘Bijli’ gave birth to three cubs at Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday.
The zoo authorities informed that out of the three cubs one cub has died.
The mother along with her two other cubs has been kept in isolation in a separate enclosure in the Lion Safari of the Zoo. Through CCTV surveillance the lioness and her cubs are monitored.
As per zoo authorities, the first cub was born at 2.43 am, the second at 3.12 am and the third at 3.38 am.
The lion Samrat, who was brought from Bilaspur zoo in April, was introduced to mate with lioness Bijli.

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