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Historic Joint Inauguration Marks a New Chapter in India-Mauritius Relations

Historic Joint Inauguration Marks a New Chapter in India-Mauritius Relations

Agalega Island witnesses the unveiling of crucial infrastructure projects

Agalega Island:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth of Mauritius jointly inaugurated the new Airstrip and St. James Jetty, along with six community development projects on Agalega Island. The virtual ceremony showcased the deep-rooted and robust partnership between the two nations, emphasizing connectivity, maritime security, and socio-economic development.

The inauguration is a pivotal moment, following the recent launch of UPI and RuPay Card services in Mauritius on February 12, 2024, by the two leaders. The new Airstrip and Jetty, along with the community development projects, are set to fulfill the long-standing demand for enhanced connectivity between mainland Mauritius and Agalega, fortify maritime security, and spur socio-economic growth in the region.

In his address, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth expressed gratitude for India’s pivotal role in financing the Agalega project, hailing it as the realization of a Mauritian dream. He acknowledged India’s consistent support to Mauritius and its people, citing the recent adoption of the ‘Jan Aushadhi Scheme’ as a testament to the strengthening partnership. Prime Minister Jugnauth applauded Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and the Indian diaspora’s global influence, establishing itself as a powerhouse of values, knowledge, and success.

Prime Minister Modi, in his fifth meeting with Prime Minister Jugnauth in the last six months, highlighted the unique partnership between India and Mauritius. Emphasizing Mauritius as a key partner in India’s ‘Neighbourhood First Policy’ and Vision SAGAR, the Prime Minister underscored the unprecedented momentum in bilateral relations over the last decade. He reflected on the cultural ties and modern digital connectivity facilitated by UPI and RuPay Card.

The Prime Minister stressed that India’s developmental contributions align with Mauritius’s priorities, citing support during the Covid pandemic and oil spill incidents. Over the last decade, India has extended substantial financial assistance to Mauritius, contributing to metro rail lines, community development projects, social housing, healthcare infrastructure, and sports complexes.

Fulfilling a promise made in 2015, Prime Minister Modi expressed satisfaction in inaugurating facilities on Agalega, now known as “Modi ki Guarantee” in India, which will enhance ease of living and connectivity between the northern and southern parts of Mauritius. He highlighted the improved administrative connection with the mainland, medical evacuation, and enhanced transportation for school children.

Addressing the challenges in the Indian Ocean Region, Prime Minister Modi emphasized India and Mauritius’s role as natural partners in maritime security. The joint efforts include monitoring Exclusive Economic Zones, joint patrolling, hydrography, and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief. The Agalega projects are expected to advance cooperation and strengthen Mauritius’s blue economy.

Commending Mauritius for joining India’s Jan Aushadhi initiative, Prime Minister Modi stated that the partnership will provide better quality Made-in-India generic medicines to the people of Mauritius. He concluded by congratulating Prime Minister Jugnauth for his visionary leadership, expressing confidence in the continued elevation of India-Mauritius relations in the future.

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