Supreme Court Quashes Remission in Bilkis Bano Gang Rape and Murder Case

The SC directs the convicted men to surrender within two weeks.

New Delhi: In a significant development, a Supreme Court Bench led by Justice B.V. Nagarathna has nullified the remission granted to 11 convicts sentenced to life in the notorious Bilkis Bano gang rape and murder case. The court asserted that the Gujarat government lacks the authority to grant remission in this matter.

The decision came during the hearing of a series of petitions challenging the Gujarat government’s decision to prematurely release 11 individuals who were serving life sentences in connection with the brutal gang rape and murder case of Bilkis Bano.

The apex court, headed by Justice B.V. Nagarathna, emphatically stated that the Gujarat government does not hold the competence to authorize remission in this high-profile case. Consequently, the court has ordered all 11 convicts to surrender themselves before the jail authorities within the next two weeks.

The Bilkis Bano case had garnered national attention due to its heinous nature, involving the gang rape and murder of a young woman during the Gujarat riots in 2002. The subsequent legal proceedings led to the conviction of several individuals involved in the crime.

This recent ruling by the Supreme Court reaffirms its stance on the premature release of convicts, emphasizing the need for due process and adherence to legal norms in matters of remission. The decision serves as a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice for the victims of such grave crimes, setting a precedent for the competent authority responsible for granting remission in cases of life sentences.

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