Ladakh’s #ViksitBharatSankalpYatra Brings Government Schemes to Remote Ralakung Nangma Village

Officials Brave Harsh Conditions to Foster Awareness in Zanskar Sub Division

Ladakh: In a commendable initiative, the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra (VBSY) has left an indelible mark on the remote Ralakung Nangma village in Panchayat Phey, Zanskar Sub Division, Ladakh, overcoming frigid conditions to bring government-sponsored schemes closer to the grassroots.

Undeterred by the harsh winter weather, officials from various departments embarked on an arduous 18 km trek to reach the isolated hamlet. The purpose of this journey was to raise awareness about public-centric schemes initiated by the government and engage with the residents to address their concerns and needs.

Ralakung Nangma, with its 6 households and a population of 43 residents, became the focal point for the VBSY team. The interactive sessions held in the village covered a range of topics, including health, Aadhar enrollment, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The officials engaged in meaningful conversations with the locals, providing valuable insights and information on how they could benefit from these government initiatives.

The visit aimed not only to disseminate information but also to create a platform for direct interaction between the government representatives and the community. This approach allows for a better understanding of the unique challenges faced by the villagers, enabling tailored solutions to address their specific needs.

Despite the logistical challenges posed by Ladakh’s rugged terrain and severe weather conditions, the VBSY demonstrated the government’s commitment to reaching the farthest corners of the region. The initiative aligns with the larger goal of inclusive development, ensuring that the benefits of government schemes reach every citizen, irrespective of geographical remoteness.

The impact of the VBSY in Ralakung Nangma highlights the importance of such on-the-ground initiatives, fostering a sense of connectivity and awareness among the people. As Ladakh continues to brave extreme conditions, endeavors like the #ViksitBharatSankalpYatra serve as a testament to the dedication of officials in bringing positive change to the lives of those residing in the region’s secluded hamlets.

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